Fully Managed GCM Server Platform for Android App Developers

You need to add push notifications to your Android app. AirBop can help you do it today.

AirBop Makes Push Messaging Easy.

Unlimited push messages

All of our plans include unlimited push message notifications. Don't spend time worrying how many messages you have left this month...

Full device management

AirBop is the missing server platform needed to get GCM working in your app. Send device registrations to us, and we'll do the heavy lifting.

Online message composer

Compose and manage your push messages with AirBop's sleek online message composition tools. We'll create the JSON payload for you. Or do it yourself if you prefer.

Speed to market

You get all the benefits of a custom server solution, without having to implement it yourself. Spend your time developing your app and let us handle your pushes.

Beautiful charts

See at a glance how many devices are registered to your app. Track device updates over time. Chart which languages and countries your users are coming from.

Easy to work with

We built AirBop for smart Android developers like yourself. You won't have any trouble following our walk-through tutorials or sample client app code.

Reliable infrastructure

AirBop is built on a world-class server stack designed for extreme performance, rapid scalability and data integrity. We love this stuff.

Open integration

Nothing is hidden inside a jar file. No part of the implementation is out of your control. You'll always know exactly what you added.

Completely flexible

You have full freedom to implement any client-side approach that you need. No third party apps or client-side libraries are required.

Core features of AirBop.

Google Cloud Messaging

AirBop is a bare-metal, 100% compliant Google Cloud Messaging solution for whatever you need push notifications for.

Designed for Android

Designed for Android developers by Android developers, AirBop isn't held back by compatibility with other platforms.

Google Play compliant

AirBop is fully compliant with all the latest Google Play policies, and takes full advantage of the GCM service backbone.

Lowest battery use possible

Uses the most efficient transport available on Android, sending along the same channel as core Google services like Gmail and Play.

Fully automated multicasting

AirBop splits your notifications into GCM optimized 1,000-user batches. It's just as easy whether you're pushing to one device or to a million.

4k JSON payload

Go beyond send-to-sync by sending custom JSON data to your app, with up to 4000 characters of payload for each push notification.

Collapse keys

Deliver only the latest in a series of messages while the user is offline. Perfect for send-to-sync situations where your app catches up on reaction to any message.

Delay while idle

You can flag a message so it isn't sent until the user's device is awake. This helps ensure the message arrives when it's more likely to be noticed by the user.


Automatically expire time-sensitive messages so they don't get delivered to users when they are no longer relevant.

Scheduling and targeting features.

Message scheduling

Use our online tools to automatically send messages at a future date and time. If you don't know the exact date you can even enter "next Tuesday at 5pm" and it'll work.

Language targeting

Optimize your marketing campaign by sending targeted push messages that match a user's language. Send English messages to some, French to others, etc.

Country targeting

AirBop is able to automatically determine which country your users are located in, based on state-of-the-art device IP geo-location with 99.8% accuracy.

State/Province targeting

Would you like to target your message to users in a particular US or Canadian region? We can automatically pinpoint their state or province with 90% accuracy.

Device groups/labels

Expand your filtering capabilities by grouping devices using the label feature. Assign groups like 'phone', 'tablet' or even 'debug' as you see fit.

Advanced messaging features.

Messaging API

Our REST API gives you the tools you need to extend your own business processes and scripts to push messages to your devices through our servers.

Street address geo-targeting

For the ultimate in fine grained message filtering, our Advanced plans let you target your messages to a particular radius around a street address.

Priority support

If you have a question about AirBop or need some advice on how a particular feature works, we'll get to your question ASAP.

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